Global airlines trust AirportCharges to help manage their turnaround cost calculations and administration

With quick access to global airports' charges, AirportCharges improves your use of time and management of resource. AirportCharges is proven to save network carriers millions of US dollars every year.

  • Quick access to airport fees and charges

    With access to the most extensive global database of airport charges calculations and documents, it only takes a few seconds to find the airport landing fees, passenger charges and taxes you need.

    Clock representing time savings
  • Streamline data entry

    Airlines often use third party systems to report on financial performance. The manual data entry required by these systems can be time-consuming. Speed up the process with AirportCharges, a faster, more reliable source for your fees and charges data.

    Graphic representing airport charges streamlining data services
  • Always remain up-to-date

    AirportCharges is constantly updated by our team, stay on top of changes to your airports with AirportCharges ‘Favorites’. Receive automatic notifications whenever there is a change to airports you are interested in, so you will never miss an update again.

    Calendar for next month's airport charges
  • Proven to reduce costs

    With the most detailed turnaround cost database of any system in the world, accurate calculations can be generated in seconds – giving you time to compare your invoices to the on-screen output . AirportCharges has saved network carriers millions of US dollars every year.

    Scales representing decreased costs