Integrate airport charges into your workflow

Improve your quoting and analysis systems with automated airport charges calculations.

  • Airport charges API

    Calculate airport charges on a route from A to B, customisable to airline, aircraft type and time of day. Great for quoting and analytical use cases.

    Graphic representing APC API
  • En-route charges API

    Calculate en-route charges for any aircraft-route combination, customisable to MTOW and date, and optionally using waypoint routings for greater accuracy. Ideal for quoting and analytical use cases.

    Graphic representing En-route charges API.

Reduces costs, improves accuracy, liberates time for more important activities

  • Saves time - no more research, calculation and manual entry of charges data
  • Ensures that the job is done, no matter how busy you are
  • More up-to-date - changes to calculations are reflected immediately through the API
  • Cuts down errors - more consistent data, calculation engine refined over many years
  • Greater efficiency - cross-departmental application, e.g. passenger charges for Finance Departments