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  • Runway Charges

    Runway charges are the fees charged by the airport for the use of runways and taxiways, usually as an arrival or landing charge.

  • Passenger Charges

    These fees are charged per on-board passenger by the airport. These charges are normally billed to the airline, which then passes the cost onto the passenger.

  • Security Costs

    Charges levied by the airport to airlines for the provision of security personnel and equipment around the airport.

  • Infrastructure Charges

    Charges for the use of infrastructure facilities at an airport. Normally consists of terminals, check-in areas, baggage equipment, airbridges etc. Usually charged on a per movement basis.

  • Parking Charges

    The fees related to parking an aircraft at an airport. These charges are normally levied on a time basis, but can also be related to aircraft size or weight.

  • Environmental Charges

    Charged by airports in relation to their noise and emissions impact. Aircraft types are normally categorised and a fee placed against each according to their relative impact.

  • Terminal Navigation

    These charges are for services used when flying in airport-controlled airspace. Can be levied at many different sources including airport, government or third-party provider.

  • En-Route Navigation

    Normally levied by the state, these charges are for services used when flying in controlled airspace.

  • Government Taxes

    Taxes, normally on a per passenger basis, levied by the state and often across the entire state but sometimes on an individual airport level.