Airport charges calculation and processing from RDC - the industry experts


AirportCharges is one of a suite of online systems developed by us here at RDC. With over 15 years experience in gathering and databasing airport charges, we are well placed to meet your airport charges data analysis requirements. As a team, we bring our various skills together to ensure we can use our proprietary aviation data to best meet the challenges your business faces.

Handmade by Us

Our products are developed entirely in-house, with a dedicated development, research and support team. As such we build close relationships with each one of our clients to help you through the process of analysing airport charges data. The feedback we gain from these relationships ensure we constantly improve our products. Over the years this has enabled us to build a loyal customer base of airlines, airports and other global organisations.


How do I access AirportCharges?

Access to the AirportCharges Online System is via a username and password which is granted to users as part of a subscription. Various packages and pricing options are available, contact us today to discuss your requirements. For deeper integration into your finance systems and processes, see our Data Services which is a monthly/quarterly bespoke dataset feed that is pre-calculated according to your network of airports.

How many airports are currently in the database?

There are currently over 2,500 airports.

Does the database contain historical data?

Yes, we have up to seven years' of historical data for major airports. More can be added upon request.

How many territories / countries does the database cover?

We have data for airports from 192 countries from all continents in our database.

Are any other types of charges covered?

AirportCharges also contains data and/or documents for terminal navigation, en-route charges, government taxes and published incentive schemes.

How often do airports update their charges?

Generally airports will update their charges on an annual basis, particularly in Europe and North America. Many airports update less often and some far more frequently! Analysts at RDC have over ten years of experience in collecting data so trust us to do the hard work for you.

How often is the data in AirportCharges updated?

Data in AirportCharges is constantly being researched and updated by a team of analysts at RDC.

What if data on the airport I need isn't there?

If the data that you need is not currently available in AirportCharges then simply let us know. We will add the information to the database as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Can new aircraft fleets be added?

Aircraft can be added and tailored as required. This is particularly useful if you represent an airline, as RDC analysts can load your exact aircraft specifications to ensure complete accuracy.

How long are my studies saved for?

Any activity that you save will be stored and available to you for as long as you need.

Do you offer training and support?

All training and support is included within your subscription.