Our Customers

Our customers - both large and small - come from every corner of the globe and from a wide range of industries (airlines, airports, manufacturers, consultancies and regulators). They rely on AirportCharges to deliver results every day. Read what they have to say:

Ready and easy access to airport charges documentation and contractual terms has allowed us to quickly check rate details and improve compliance in this area of high spend, [...] the modelling tools contained within AirportCharges have proved useful in preparing consultation submissions for regulatory authorities and in influencing internal stakeholders.

We use AirportCharges to inform a range of our activities. It supports the analysis we do as part of our annual charges consultation, provides background material for airline marketing and inform other analysis. AirportCharges generally provides a reliable service and quick and responsive support when any issues arise.

Having access to such a comprehensive database of airport charges allows us to quickly access the information we need saving valuable time and cost.

A quick and easy way for benchmarking airport fees and spotting your own strengths and weaknesses. RDC are professionals who know what your needs are and how to meet them in just a few clicks. AirportCharges is one product among an array of offers which you can hardly afford to miss.

AirportCharges is a quick and accurate system that we use to download current and historic airport charges data. The airport charges benchmarking tool gives us the ability to check invoices and analyse potential new route opportunities.

Using AirportCharges has given me the confidence and assurance to successfully challenge invoiced values at major airports.