Airports around the world rely on AirportCharges to maintain a competitive advantage

Evaluate business decisions quickly with access to global airports' charges and stay up-to-date with issues and updates affecting your organisation

  • Benchmark your charges against your competitors

    Know your competition. Keep up to date with the charges at your national and international competitors. Run calculations for different market segments and make sure your charges are competitive; assess the impact of discount schemes to ensure they are making a difference.

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  • Better prepared for Regulation and Consultation

    Use AirportCharges to provide independent data and analysis in support of discussions and presentations to external agencies and regulatory bodies. Easy access to data for airports to support decisions relating to airport fees and charges, at a local and national level.

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  • Improve your negotiations

    Attract new business - be better equipped to negotiate rates and contracts. The extensive database of airlines, fleet data and business jets allow you to accurately understand the cost to your customers.

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