Analyse user fees and charges in seconds

The online airport charges system offers a unique way of accessing and calculating the user fees and taxes for almost any airport or country in the world. Answers and documents are at your fingertips, whilst you stay up-to-date on changes that matter to you.

  • Simple, organised summary of all charge documents

    Airport charges summaries take the hassle out of understanding airport and country charge documents by displaying the data in a consistent and structured format.

    Every element of the published charges are databased and summarised by date, name and calculation.

    View current and historic charge summaries by changing the target date or download original documents.

    Airport Profiles in AirportCharges
  • Calculate landing, passenger costs and more for any aircraft at any airport

    Run detailed turnaround cost estimates for any airport, and any airline-aircraft combination.

    See total charges by item or per charge group and the calculations that led to them. Apply inflation and discounts to create future cost scenarios or replicate current invoices.

    Turnaround Studies in AirportCharges
  • Compare costs side by side

    Compare the fees of multiple airport turnaround cost estimates side-by-side. These include the costs of different aircraft types at the same airport, the costs of a single type at different airports, the historical evolution of charges at an airport, or any combination of these.

    Grid view provides a quick assessment of the numbers, whilst graphical view allows for relative totals to be compared.

    Turnaround Comparisons in AirportCharges
  • Accurately analyse En-Route navigation charges on any aircraft and route combination

    Calculate and compare en-route costings for any aircraft and route combination. Setup saved routings using great circle distance or using full waypoint detail for greatest accuracy. See costs split by en-route country and region to see where the biggest impact occurs.

    En-route functionality in AirportCharges
  • Airport Location Maps

    Check the location of a specific airport and any nearby competing airports, and view the location of all airports in a chosen country.

    Airport Maps in AirportCharges
  • Keep up-to-date with your #1 airports

    Add your most important airports to your personalised favourites list. Stay knowledgeable on changes to the charging structure with email updates every day, week or month - the choice is yours.

    Favourite Airports in AirportCharges
  • Never miss the latest news and updates

    Our news sections ensure you stay updated on major airport charges events.

    "Global News" stories keep you informed of what's happening in the industry; "Data Updates" keep you informed on changes to the user charges database by our in-house data team.

    Airport Charges News and Updates in AirportCharges
  • Understand fuel price trends

    AirportCharges is loaded with Brent Crude and Jet A1 fuel data. Compare changes to the prices over time from annual averages to the latest weekly values.

    Global Fuel Data in AirportCharges